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Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA)
SODIUM MONOCHLORO ACETATE (SMCA) (C2H2ClNaO2) is the sodium salt of Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA). Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA) is obtaining from neutralization of Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) with Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash). Another method of manufacturing Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA) is spraying molten Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) together with 50 % Caustic Soda solution into a spray dryer. IUPAC NAME: Sodium 2-chloroacetate. CAS REGISTRY NUMBER: 3926-62-3 EC NUMBER: 223-498-3 UN NUMBER: 2659 CHEMICAL FORMULA: C2H2ClNaO2 Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA) is use in the production of a wide variety of useful compounds such as drugs, dyes, agrochemicals and thickening agents. Most reactions take advantage of the high reactivity of the C–Cl bond. [Details]
Construction Waterproofing Vadodara
We are specializes in construction of office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, educational and research facilities, commercial and retail facilities, and residential projects for end users, developers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.Delivering the highest level of service in the industry is a constant and a critical element in our success. Through every stage of construction, we are truly committed to the project. [Details]
Coolants distributor in new mexico
Honstein Oil & Distributing, LLC is the premier lubricants, chemical and fuel distributor in New Mexico and southwestern Colorado servicing more than 3,500 business partners with next day deliveries, exceptional personalized hands-on service and state-of-the-art facilities and delivery vehicles. [Details]
concrete waterproof sealer
Nano-G - Distributor of NanoPhos in Malaysia. Offered concrete waterproof sealer, water repellent, paint, water leakage repair solutions to protect surface. [Details]
MICRO LAB: Microbiological Media, Antibiotic sensitivity Dis
Online shopping of Lab chemicals, microbiological culture media, Media bases, plant tissue culture media & ingredients, antibiotics sensitivity discs and ready to use media, microbiological Media Supplements in Delhi India. [Details]
Industrial Degreaser Rydall-DD - Novamen Inc.
Novamen Inc. supplies Rydall-DD, an industrial degreaser which quickly dissolves with the petroleum-based contaminants and can be used on all carbon based derivatives. [Details]
adding salt to pool
Adding salt to your swimming pool couldn't be easier ! Visit our blog. [Details]
Explosive License Consultant in India | Parikh Explosive
Parikh Explosive for Explosive License Consultant in India, Petroleum Product services Regarding License in india, Refinery License consultant in india, License Under SMPV Rules in india, License Under GasCylinder Rules in india, License Under Gas Cylinder Rules 2001 in India, License Under Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 in India, Ms Tank Manufacturer in india, SS Tank Manufacturer in india, SS Steel Tank Manufacturer in India. [Details]
Lucknow Repair Services | Lucknow Service Center
Lucknow Service Center is a big service provider company based in Lucknow offering all kind of repair & services for all consumer home products like Air conditioners, refrigerators, Fridge, microwave, ovens, washing machines,Geyser and Water heaters, water purifiers ro systems, cctv camera & security System, etc. [Details]
Speciality Chemical Products Suppliers - ChemEqual
ChemEqual is an unique Online business directory that features Speciality Chemicals and Equivalents database from Chemical suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. This feature of Speciality Chemicals equivalents and substitutes listed along with suggestions for similar chemicals manufactured by other producers gives the user a wide spectrum of suppliers to select from with information on the generic chemical name. ChemEqual is a one of its kind search engine portal with ever growing database of products which allow suppliers to enlist their products free of cost and tag equivalents with other Manufacturer's specification. [Details]
Water Based Flexo Ink in India
Satish Chemicals Water Based Flexo Ink in India, Water Based Flexo Ink Manufacturers in India, Water Based Flexo Ink Suppliers in India, Water Based Flexo Ink Exporters in India. [Details]
Silver Hydrogen Peroxide - Chemical Disinfectant and Fumigant
Silver Hydrogen Peroxide marketed under the trade name of Alstasan Silvox by Chemtex Speciality Limited is a universal broad spectrum biocide with varied applications from soil disinfection to potable water disinfectant. As a poultry disinfectant, it stops spread of poultry diseases, even as a dairy disinfectant for sterilization of milk and equipment, aquaculture disinfectant for checking microbial growth in waters, effective for waste water sanitation from pharma, textiles and other industries. Swimming pool treatment and irrigation water sterilization are other notable applications. Silver H2O2 achieves effective sterilization in Hospitals. [Details]
Okc Roofing
The speciality of OKC roofing is they are one of the top leading provider or roofing for industrial, residential and commercial purposes. [Details]
Metal Roofing
Metal roofing is a different form of roofing. The best thing about metal roofing, it is durable and can resist hard weather condition. [Details]
Pool Services, Pool Repairs in Arlington, Southlake & Haltom City
We offer best pool services, pool repairs in Arlington, Southlake & Haltom City with affordable price @ [Details]
:China Car Paints Manufacturers,Automotive Paints,Auto Coatings Supplier-Chemical Coating
We are automotive coatings manufacturer of automotive paints,car paints and car refinish paint in China. [Details]
China Specialty Gases, Rare Gases, Industrial Gases Standard Ethylene Manufacturer
TYHJ focuses on standard Specialty Gases development, has a range of high purity Refrigerant Gases, Medical Gas, Industrial Gases CO, Rare Gases and Hydrogen Chloride, Ethylene. [Details]
High Purity Isopropyl Alcohol
Our Isopropyl Alcohol: GP-1000E is an ultra high purity product and this has made in USA. [Details]
Water based ink Manufacturer
DYE inks belong to the group of Water-based inks Manufacturer which are used in modern inkjet printers. [Details]
Reactive Yellow 160 manufacturer
Maruti Dyestuff” Is one of the oldest and leading industry in Reactive Yellow 160 manufacturer [Details]
Complete Building Services
Complete Building Services by ultratechbuildingsolutions helps you choose the right meaterial to build your home including cement, aggregates, bricks etc. [Details]
Hometeamns,Team BuildingActivities, Company Bonding Singapore
Tagteaminc provide hometeamns,team building and company team bonding in Singapore. Consult for more information today. [Details]
Thermal Pad Factory
SinoGuide Technology, Global Leader in Thermal Pad and Thermal Interface Materials, Your Proven Thermal Material Manufacturer, Best Strategic Partner in Thermal Management Materials and Solutions. [Details]
Cutting Oil Supplier in India | Cutting Oil Suppliers
Amile Industries brings high performance cutting oil. wide range of cutting oil which includes Neat Cutting Oil, Semi Synthetic Cutting oil, Synthetic Cutting oil, Soluble cutting oil [Details]
alkaline cleaner | Alkaline Cleaners
Alkaline cleaner refers to cleaning agents that contain highly potent bases such as potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. alkaline cleaner manufacturer and supplier. Industrial alkaline cleaner manufacturer. [Details]
Meta Phenylene Di Amine
With 16 manufacturing units, Aarti Industries Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Meta Phenylenediamine. [Details]
Formoterol Fumarate belongs to Anti-Asthmatic Therapeutic Category. Aarti Healthcare manufactures Formoterol Fumarate with an annual capacity of 60 Kgs. [Details]
E Juice
If you’re looking for the best place to buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids online, E-Cigarettes Australia are your premium supplier. They have a wide range of vaping tools and equipment, as well as all the accessories you need to vape. For high quality vaping and e-cigarette equipment, E-Cigarettes Australia are the best. For a Free Quote Call 0447 421 140. [Details]
Decorative Screens and CNC Routers Perth - GSN industries
CNC routers perth, decorative screens, CNC, decorative garden screens, decorative screens perth, privacy screens, cheap decorative screens [Details]
Travail À Domicile, Entre Particuliers, Annonce Service
Cherchez-vous un service entre particulier? charinfosoft services entre particuliers vous offre la possibilité d’échangez un service et d'arrondissez vos fins de mois en proposant vos compétences. [Details]
Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services in Louisiana
Farr Front offers a complete range of Purpose-Built temporary equipment to support turnarounds for de-inventorying and chemical decontamination procedures. [Details]
Emerson UPS AMC Contact Number in Dhule
Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a group of multi-dimensional organization specialized in the power. This group of engineers is lead by Executive Director Mr.Rajendra Amzare. [Details]
Price of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Climbs Steeply in India
bitumen suppliers in India.
Bitumen importers in India
Supplier of Kaolin
Supplier of Talc Powder, Manufacturer of Talc Powder - Talc, Clay Minerals/Silicate Minerals known as baby powder. Available colors: white to grey or green. Widely used in Ceramics Industry, paper making, plastic, cosmetic products. [Details]
Manufacturing and marketing of biotechnological enzyme based biodegradable formulations
Infinita is engaged into manufacturing enzyme based biodegradable formulations for various industries and forming of customized Enzyme Formulations [Details]
Ceramic Car Paint Coating
Mr. Nano Protective Coatings is specializing in providing the advanced and promising paint protection methods. Our ceramic car paint coating gives finest protection against scratches, effectively washing off debris, polishing and protecting your paint & glass. [Details]
Buy Research Chemicals Online | Buy FUB-AMB resear
Buy Etizolam research chemicals online at Qualityresearchchemical is a company specialising in the distribution of legal research chemical crystals and powders. We work with laboratories and researchers throughout the whole of the United States and other parts of the world. Our aim is to supply innovative research chemicals to professionals. [Details]
Find List of various OXY Series Oxygen Generator Models including oxyple, oxyunit, oxycombi Products which add oxygen supply to Humans and animals on different situations. [Details]
Best Protective Car Coating Perth
Mr Nano Protective Coatings is the most trusted online store where you get effective protection coating products. Our ceramic scratch resistant paint protection provides high gloss finish, unmatched super hydrophobic effect and scratch resistance. [Details] | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |