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Arya Biotechnologies
Arya Biotechnologies is a specialized company working in the field of plant nutrition, organic farming inputs and Animal feed supplements. [Details]
Digital Soil Testing Kit
Nutrient deficiency is the major problem in India and farmers often apply fertilizers without any scientific recommendation. This increases the cost of production, lowers farm profits and leads to soil health deterioration. With vast experience in manufacturing kits and instruments, Orlab instruments started manufacturing STFR (Soil Test Fertilizer Recommendation) Meter, Digital Soil Testing Kit developed by Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Delhi. Reliability, portability, and excellent quality are the best of the attributes that are setting our Digital Soil Testing Kit apart. It is convenient to carry and is equivalent to a small laboratory. lt is suitable for agricultural service departments, agricultural dealers and fertilizer manufacturers to test soil and to identify the major & secondary nutrients and up to 100 tests. we are capable of meeting mass requirements and offering products at economical prices. The heart of our Portable Digital Lab is the STFR Meter, which has been developed by Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa, New Delhi. The STFR Meter assists the farmer in determining the available nutrients in soil and suggests crop specific fertiliser dosage. [Details]
NABAT Trading - Organic Fertilizer Company
Buy organic fertilizer online in Dubai, UAE from NABAT Trading. We provide organic fertilizers at an affordable price. [Details]
Marijuana Seeds
As it matures, you can definitely identify you are growing a Northern Widow type strain — Lots of crystal and sticky buds. The strain yields are higher than expected, and the harvest time starts in either September or October. Most growers prefer indoor cultivation of this plant to strengthen the taste and have more control over the environment. [Details]
2nd International Conference on Food, Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture 2019
Gavin Conferences invites participants from all over the world to attend “2nd Annual Conference on Food, Agriculture and Aqua Culture 2019”. Food, Agriculture and Aquaculture Conference 2019 is a two-day congress going to be held at Bangkok, Thailand from November 18-19, 2019 and is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences. 2nd Annual Conference on Food, Agriculture and Aquaculture 2019 welcome Food, Agriculture and Aquaculture professionals, researchers, professors, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and executives from all over the world and conference includes prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. [Details]
Dr US Awasthi, Iffco Managing Director
Dr US Awasthi is a well-known name in the Indian agricultural sector. He has been the MD of IFFCO since 1993. He has been working in this field for nearly 25 years. But before becoming the MD of IFFCO, he showed outstanding characteristics and talents, which gave him such a high position. [Details]
Country Chicken
Country Chicken breeds are the domesticated fowls that are breed by local farmers on their backyards. [Details]
Taj Mahal Rose Flower in Maharashtra | Pune | Mumbai | Odisha | Hyderabad | Rajasthan | Punjab | Haryana | Karnataka | Delhi | Madhya Pradesh | Uttar Pradesh | Uttarakhand | Bihar
Are you looking for Taj Mahal Rose Flower in Maharashtra, Pune, Mumbai, Odisha, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand,Bihar Call 9922329613. Get a FREE Quote Now [Details]
Sprinkler Manufacturer- Flexituff Venture
A sprinkler is a device used to irrigate agriculture crops. The sprinkler is used for cooling and for the control of airborne dust. Flexituff Venture is a sprinkler manufacturer company. Its process of applying water in a controlled manner in a way similar to rainfall. [Details]
Plant Science
We take pleasure to announce “World Congress on Plant Science and Agriculture” which will take place during March 25-26, 2020 at UK in beautiful city London. [Details]
Find Out How To Earn $900 To 2 Millions On Coinpot
An award-winning cryptocurrency has started this project blockchain firm Dragonfly fintech Pte has come between trades. Stockswhat is one of the best security breaches when folks get started using Bitcoin as probably the greatest. For you when the police performed the searches some folks dedicated suicide and others do this. Treat this as straight tax benefits for people who not only does one go to invest/retailer Bitcoin. [Details]
Global Food Technology Congress 2020
This conference would provide a platform for the sharing of scientific findings, exchanging of ideas and enable participants to grasp the latest developments in the areas of Food Processing and Food Safety. It will serve as a great platform to improve the knowledge and skills in this field. The Conference contains Oral and Poster presentations related to the theme and subthemes. The main aim is to gather academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, industry person and students to discuss and share their knowledge and research works on all aspects of Food Processing and Technology. [Details]
Obtain BTC With Credit score & Debit Cards Instantly
Compared to some other exchanges, Coinbase includes a relatively limited number of assets on sale. This was a description of what Bitcoin can be and how it operates It grew to become the version for how other cryptocurrencies were designed in the foreseeable future. But by enough time of writing, more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies can be found, and the quantity is likely to increase in the near future. [Details]
Hydroponics and Aquaponics System to Grow your own
"You don’t need soil to grow your favourite vegetables on your terrace or in the corner of your balcony. Vatodar Green Waterfarms is right here to help you do that. We use the system of aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, to grow vegetables. What it means is that fish waste is used for growing plants without soil, and getting vegetables, in return, also purify the water for the fish. The result – you can grow more than three dozen organic vegetables in less than two square feet of space in your own urban farm. In the fast-shrinking city spaces, an urban farm helps reduce farm-to-fork distance and wastage of food while saving up to 80% water and pesticide usage, harvesting safe and fresh vegetables for your home and the neighbourhood. At Vatodar Green Waterfarms’s indoor urban farms, you can discover how your food is grown, which can range from leafy vegetables, salad greens, and kitchen herbs. What’s more, we also provide consultancy to build large commercial farms and community-oriented farms for commercial use. Our mission is to nurture nature and bring the best, healthier food to your plate." [Details]
Soil Testing Kit
Harvesto Soil Testing Kit for agriculture tests 14 parameters of soil and recommends crop-specific fertiliser dose for over 100 crops. [Details]
Save Environment With Us | avakar
Today, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce while our needs are growing in an ever more densely populated and urbanized world facing climate change issues. The world has to rethink its relationship with resources and come up with new social and economic growth models that are more efficient, better balanced and more sustainable. [Details]
Hydroponic Systems Setting Up--Naturehydro
As a professional Hydroponic System & Greenhouse Equipment Supplier, NATUREHYDRO was founded in 2009 with the target of bringing the highest quality Agricultural & Horticultural products at the most competitive prices with excellent customer service directly to all sincere customers all over the world. [Details]
Natural Pesticides-Types of Organic Pesticides & Benefits to the Plants
Natural Pesticides - Benefits of organic pesticidesto the plants will provide you the awareness about the harmful pests, insects and how to control them using natural pesticides. [Details]
Lose Body Without Generally Pills
This usually means that a person will may are in need of to change for better it alongside each article you put together. You ought to ensure when your protect against of food plan pills is normally in line with a trustworthy healthy dining on and use regime. That's the things make's weight-reduction plan pills therefore , popular! [Details]
idnpoker.com [Details]
NJ Chimney & Fireplace
Get all of your chimney and fireplace needs done today. Chimney sweep, Inspections,
Repairs, Installations, Fireplace cleaning, etc. "Warm" friendly service